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Factors Affecting Recommended Service Intervals – Chart A

Instructions: From the drop down menus select the applicable factor that applies to your safety valve. The total weight is shown at the bottom of the Weight column as the Total Factor Weight. Click “Estimate Repair Interval” at the bottom of the page to view your results.

Note: You must make a selection for all factors. If unknown, select a factor of (5).

Factor Weight Comments
Unit Type:  
Operating Gap: Manufacturer's Limit
Physical Location on Unit:  
Boiler Section: * Super Critical Only
Electromatic Valve in Use?:  
Down Stream of Header Elbow:  
Stack Material:  
Number of Unit Start up Cycles: Since Last Overhaul
Number of Known Valve Actuations:  
Sonic Flow Vibration:  
Condensate Drains:  
Pipe Strain Present on Outlets:  
Total Factor Weight: