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Let us exceed your expectations!
The most experienced valve distributor and valve repair facility in Florida.

Valve Service and Repair

Let us exceed your expectations

AVP valve is a complete valve repair facility.  We have the capability of repairing any type of valve from safety valves to control valves to gate valves to large butterfly valves.  We have factory trained technicians and work very closely with many valve and actuator manufacturers.

  AVP Valve is a proud member of the Valve Manufacturer's Association / Valve Repair Council
  • NBBI "VR" Safety Valve  Repair Center
  • Control Valve Repair Center
  • Total Valve Management
  • Heat Rate Surveys via Valvtechnologies ultrasonic valve leakage testing
  • Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, and Butterfly valve repair
  • BHGE Consolidated Green Tag Center
  • Electric Actuator Repair
  • Valvtechnologies Authorized Repair Center
  • Emergency Repair
  • Process Engineering Services
  • Steam Trap Surveys

How often should I repair or inspect my safety valves?

Valve services include control, safety, manual, and automated industrial valve and actautor repair.  We offer complete valve repair both at our shop and in the field.  Solutions include automating valves, re-packing valves, rebuilding and reconditioning valves, and providing shop and field diagnostics.  AVP carries a large on-site inventory of various OEM parts and has contacts all over the country to pull from when you need a part quickly.

Come and Visit our Facility

AVP Valve has a large facility centrally located in Lakeland, Florida.  We have approximately 20,000 sqft under roof and a fleet of 25+ field trucks.


AVP has a large machine shop that can do many types of specialized machining.  Many times, valve parts just have minor damage that requires re-facing of the seating surfaces.  AVP's machine shop can touch up existing trim instead of replacing the trim which will save you money on your repair.  AVP always prefers to use OEM parts, but if parts are not available, AVP has the capability to make new parts in many cases.


AVP Valve has two service trailers that can be taken to the job site for large jobs.

AVP has a boiler certified by the National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors on site in Lakeland for setting new safety relief valves and repaired safety relief valves.


All valves that come into our Lakeland facility for repair are completely disassembled and sandblasted to remove all rust and scale.


Safety Valve Repair

AVP is an authorized assembler of Consolidated Safety valves and is authorized by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors (NB) to set and test board certified relief devices.  AVP holds a "VR" Stamp from the National Board for the repair of all brands of safety and safety relief valves.  Brands like Consolidated, Crosby, Anderson Greenwood, Kunkle, Lonergan, Farris, and any other National Board approved manufacturer.   AVP has a steam boiler rated to 1750 psig for testing valves on steam and air and liquid testing capability to 10,000 psig.  Higher set pressures can be obtained with the aid of the BHGE Consolidated Electronic Valve Tester (EVT).

AVP can repair safety valves in your plant.  Large or welded-in safety and safety relief valves can be repaired in place.  Once the repair is completed and the system is back on line, our technicians can come in and set the valve with Consolidated's EVT.

AVP's technicians are trained through Consolidated's training process which is an in-depth three-tier process.  First, the apprentice technician must work with a certified technician to get familiar with the safety valves.  Then, they are sent to BHGE Consolidated in Jacksonville, FL, for a week of training.  Next, they must come back to work in our shop to hone the skills that were learned in the first training class.  Then they are sent back to BHGE Consolidated for another week's training.  The technician again comes back to work and practice.  Finally, the technician is sent to Consolidated for a third week of training.  This training from start to finish takes about 18 - 24 months to complete so by the time the technician has completed all of his training, he truly has the experience to tackle most valve problems.

AVP goes through great expensive to make sure that we have the best trained technicians in the area.  For your records, you can download an example of one of our technician's training certificates and a copy of our National Board "VR" stamp.

How often should I repair or inspect my safety valves?


Control Valve Repair

AVP has the capability to repair any brand of control valve.  Though not an authorized repair center for all, AVP regularly repairs Fisher, Masoneilan, Leslie, Valtek, CCI, and Copes Vulcan control valves.  On site engineering can aid in troubleshooting chronic valve and process problems.  We can suggest reasons for frequent failures and suggest modifications to prevent future failures.  We can also suggest replacement valves if the current valve is beyond repair.

AVP has machining and welding capabilities that enable AVP to truly repair your valve, not just change out the parts.  Making weld repairs and machining the existing parts can be quicker and less expensive than simply filling a valve with new parts.

AVP can calibrate any positioners.  AVP has a leak testing stand that can measure a valve's leakage before and after a repair.  AVP can test a control valve for conformance to Class  II, III, IV, V, and VI leakage rates. No need to remove a control valve for repair if the valve is welded in or if you are down for an emergency shutdown and the clock is running.  AVP can repair your control valve in line and get your plant back up and running.


Ball Valve Repair

AVP can repair any type of ball valve from small 1" ball valves up to this 24" Grove ball valves and even larger.  Metal seated and ceramic seated ball valves are no problem for AVP.


Butterfly Valve Repair

AVP can repair any type of butterfly valve from AWWA, to high performance butterflies.  AVP even does triple offset heavy duty butterfly valves.

Size is not a factor.  AVP regularly gets in valves for repair in the 90" range.


Gate, Globe, and Check Valve Repair

Gate, Globe, and Check Valves have always been thought of as generic, no frills valves.  This may be true when they are new but repairing them is anything but generic.  Parts for gate, globe, and check valves from most manufacturers are unavailable so your repair house can not simply change out parts.  They must make the valve work properly with the valve's existing parts.  This means special grinding, machining, and fitting techniques must be employed that are not found just anywhere.  If a valve's seating area is completely washed out, AVP can strip off the old Stellite and weld on new Stellite.

AVP has the capability to make a repaired gate, globe, or check work better than it did when it was new.


Many times a valve is too big to send to our shop in Lakeland for repair or it is welded in.  This is not a problem for AVP.  We can repair the valve without moving it.  Size is not an issue.  AVP can repair any size gate, globe, or check valve.


Valve Modifications

AVP can perform a variety of special modifications to get you just the valve that you need.  We can automate manual valves with electric or pneumatic actuators.  We can install bypasses around large valves for warm-ups or pressure-balance modifications.  We can combine valves into a small valve system before shipping to the customer so that less welds are required in the field.

Whatever you need, AVP can deliver!


Actuator Repair

  • Pneumatic Piston Actuators
  • Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuators
  • Electric Actuators

AVP has technicians trained by Limitorque to fix any brand of electric actuator.  We can repair control valve diaphragm actuators, linear piston actuators, and quarter-turn piston actuators.


Engineering Services

AVP specializes in problem solving.  In all of our years repairing all types of different valves, we have just about seen it all.  We have worked on it all.  AVP has three degreed engineers on staff to trouble shoot your chronic valve problems and redesign valve systems to solve valve and process problems.  AVP also has the welders, mechanics, and machinists on staff to add their real life experiences to the problem solving equation. 

AVP will not just give you a solution that works in theory, AVP will give you a solution that works in REAL LIFE!

Total Valve Management

AVP can take over your valve worries.  AVP can come in and take ownership of your valve maintenance, planning, and service.  Through record keeping, testing, and inspections, we can determine which valves are problematic, determine the cause for frequent failures, derive a solution, schedule the solution, and implement the fix.  We let you keep your mind on running your plant while we take care of the burden of valve maintenance.

Valve Leak Testing

AVP offers a management tool in the form of a detailed survey to determine valve leakage providing quantitative results - not qualitative estimates.  These results determine the cost of lost steam, return on investment calculations for valve repair or replacement, and are the building blocks of an in-depth history database for predictive replacement analysis.  Secondly, this survey will compile a repair/replace list based on safety, economics, and reliability.

Steam Trap Survey

Some of the biggest culprits of bad efficiency are malfunctioning steam traps.  You could be loosing hundreds of thousands of dollars in steam every year and not know it.  AVP can come in and survey your entire plant and give you a list of your steam traps and show you which ones are bad.